"Matching toys to upper limb treatment goals for children with cerebral palsy"

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Providing effective, goal-directed upper limb therapy for children with cerebral palsy is much more than just “playing with toys”.

In order to acquire new skills and learn, activities must be carefully matched to the ability level and age of each individual child.

The activities must be challenging but not too hard. They must also be motivating and fun to provide lots of opportunities for repetitive practice and learning.

Getting this right can be a difficult task for both therapists and parents.

Using extensive research and clinical knowledge, the free CPtoys™ app designed specifically for therapists and families, does the matching for you.

Along with a child’s individual goals, therapists and parents simply enter a few key variables and CPtoys™ provides an individually tailored list of toys to achieve these goals.

Enter as many children or goals as you like.

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About us

CPtoys - Matching toys to upper limb treatment goals for children with cerebral palsy

CPtoys™ is an Australian business established in 2013 by occupational therapist, Dr Brian Hoare. Combining advances in mobile technology with 15 years of clinical and research knowledge, the CPtoys™ app aims to make upper limb therapy for children with cerebral palsy a much easier, yet more targeted and effective process for both therapists and families.

Dr Hoare is an Advanced Pediatric Occupational Therapist at Monash Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. He is an internationally recognised specialist in upper limb rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy. He completed his PhD at La Trobe University, Melbourne in 2010 and a post doctoral fellowship at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden in 2012.

Using knowledge from research, clinical experience and teaching (www.cpteaching.com), the CPtoys™ app provides individually tailored treatment programs by matching developmentally appropriate toys to specific upper limb treatment goals.

CPtoys™ understands that toys are an essential part of upper limb therapy programs. In the future CPtoys™ aims to make it easier for therapists and parents to source and purchase toys. We aim to partner with a major supplier who can provide access to the most competitive prices available ensuring the best deal for children with cerebral palsy.

The CPgroup


CPtoys™ is an integral part of the CPgroup. These three companies were established by Dr Brian Hoare in 2012 to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice for the treatment of children with cerebral palsy.


CPteaching™ (www.cpteaching.com) provides practical instructional courses to therapists and medical specialists. The courses combine theory, research evidence and clinical experience to ensure therapists gain the confidence and practical skills to implement a range evidence-based interventions for children with cerebral palsy.


CPtherapy™ (www.cptherapy.org) In partnership with Australian Catholic University, CPtherapy™ provides a unique private occupational therapy service that focuses on implementing the latest, high quality, evidence-based upper limb interventions for young children with unilateral cerebral palsy (hemiplegia). Our two occupational therapists, Brian Hoare BOT; PhD and Susan Greaves B.App.Sc (OT); PhD have over 40 years combined clinical experience in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy.

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